Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
2    Proposition of new finite elements for analysis of structures containing stable cracks    Ph.D    Gharaei Moghaddam, Nima    2018-05-16
3    Dynamic analysis of gravity concrete dams with interaction structure-water    M.Sc.    mirjalili, zahra    2018-03-12
4    Nonlinear analysis of homogeneous, laminated and functionally graded shells under thermo-mechanical loads    M.Sc.    Pourhekmat, Davood    2018-03-12
5    Geometrically Nonlinear Analysis of FG Shells    Ph.D    Masoodi, Amirreza    2017-12-20
6    Some Methods for Analyzing the Structure and Fluid Interaction    Ph.D    Kazemiyan, Mohammad Sadegh    2016-12-05
7    Nonlinear Analysis of cables by Dynamic Relaxation Method    M.Sc.    Mohammadi Khatami, Mohammad    2016-09-28
8    Free vibration analysis of skeletal structures by analytical methods    Ph.D    Hozhabrossadati, Seyed Mojtaba    2016-09-14
9    Some Constraints for Geometric Nonlinear Analysis of Structures    M.Sc.    Afsharimoghadam, Hossein    2016-04-18
10    Improving Stability Domain of Some Numerical Time Integration Methods in Dynamic Analysis of Structures    Ph.D    Hashemian, Maryam    2016-03-09
11    Time integration by accurate implicit method    M.Sc.    Esfehani, Amirhossein    2015-10-12
12    Time integration method for structural dynamic analysis    Ph.D    Karimi-Rad, Mahdi    2015-01-06
13    A closed-form formulation for curved beams    M.Sc.    rajabzadeh safaei, niloofar    2014-05-13
14    Development of Performance Based Plastic Design Method on Dual system of Moment and Steel Braced Frame    Ph.D    Zanganeh, Ali    2014-04-30
15    Exact stiffness matrix of general non-prismatic beam-column with FGM    M.Sc.    Masoodi, Amirreza    2014-03-09
16    Comparison of numerical integration methods for the analysis of seismic frames    M.Sc.    Roshandel GHollezo, Ehsan    2014-03-09
17    Improvement of dynamic relaxation method for tracing the static path    Ph.D    Estiri, Hossein    2014-01-22
18    Geometrical nonlinear analysis of structures using new methods    Ph.D    Naserian, Rahele    2014-01-20
19    Creation of Efficient Finite Element    M.Sc.    malekzadeh gonabadi, masoomeh    2013-09-09
20    Flexibility approaches for nonlinear frame analysis    M.Sc.    Gharaee Moghaddam, Nima    2013-05-13
21    Hybrid finite element formulation for Linear and geometrical non-linear analysis of structures    Ph.D    karkon, mohammad    2013-01-07
22    Finite Element Formulation in Strain States Area    Ph.D    Yaghoobi, Majid    2013-01-01
23    Geometrical Nonlinear Solution Techniques of Structures    M.Sc.    Ghalishooyan, Morteza    2012-09-29
24    Elastic stability of plane rectangular and gabled non-uniform frames with flexible connections and elastic bracing    Ph.D    Bambaeechee, Mohsen    2012-09-26
25    Geometrically nonlinear analysis of doubly curved composite shells    Ph.D    arabi, elias    2012-09-24
26    The Analysis of Crack by Finite Element Method    M.Sc.    Fazelipour, Mahya    2012-09-03
27    performance base plastic design    M.Sc.    Mirafzali, Elham    2012-08-24
28    Investigating the performance of Roof Isolation in Controlling the Nonlinear Behavior of Asymmetric 3-D Structures    M.Sc.    Harirbafan, Maryam    2011-02-14
29    Static Damage detection of 2D and 3D trusses and frames    M.Sc.    Kazemiyan, Mohammad Sadegh    2010-12-06